Jonathan Kravetz – How We Were Before

MFA alum Jonathan Kravetz has a novel coming out with respected independent publisher Running Wild Press this May. We’re all so excited to read How We Were Before, which you can read a description of here:

When a savage home invasion results in the death of a town’s most glamorous couple, the surviving friends and relatives of the victims must navigate the emotional aftermath: Exasperated high school Vice-Principal Zachary Rivers makes a final effort to reach a troubled student. Town librarian, Shelby Blythe—the eldest daughter of the murder victims—begins a correspondence with Billy Lawson, her parents’ murderer. Evelyn Kavanaugh, a retired marketing manager and beloved family friend of the Blythes, embarks on a luxurious cruise as a prelude to suicide. Noam Russell, Billy Lawson’s best friend, returns to Benfield to claim a share of his deceased father’s estate. Samantha Blythe’s maternal attempt to help an employee evokes a renewed desire to connect with her own family.

The spaces between stories are haunted by echoes of the deceased couple’s life—from the ignorant bliss of first impressions and great expectations to the tumultuous troubles of middle age, and, finally, an undying hope for reconciliation.

There’s sure to be more news to come, as the launch date of May 20th comes, so you should sign up for Jonathan’s newsletter to keep up on all the readings and signings to follow.

And be sure to preorder your copy of How We Were Before directly from Running Wild’s page on, so you can be sure to support indie presses when you get your copy!