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New Louis Armstrong Center

We are so excited about the opening of the Louis Armstrong House Museum‘s new Louis Armstrong Center, which will house a 60,000-piece archive across the street from where Armstrong himself lived, in Corona, Queens.

We’re very familiar with this archive over at QC: We’ve been partnering with the LAHM for over a decade on a fellowship that allows our MFA in Creative Writing students to gain access to these materials so that they can create new writing projects based on their new insights into Armstrong’s life.

Ultimately, we’re so happy that everyone can see more of these items–homemade tape recordings, scrapbook photo collages, pages and pages of notes. Louis Armstrong is an American icon, and now the people can spend even more time with Louis!

We’re happy this Center is getting the national attention it deserves! If you want to read more (or listen) about this news, you can check out the story on NPR:

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